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Over the years we have built extensive knowledge and expertise in marketing businesses online and by renting one of our websites you benefit from this knowledge immediately. We have helped many businesses grow by increasing visitors to their websites and more importantly increasing inquiries which results in more work and more profits and allows the business to grow quickly. We can do the same for you

Targeted Customers

Our proven Local SEO formula delivers an increasing stream of prospects from your county, your city, and your neighborhood.

Advertise 24/7

We’ve put our lead-generating SEO formula to work for hundreds of contractors and service area businesses. It is optimized…

High ROI

Stop paying thousands of dollars only to wait and wait for SEO results. Stop paying hundreds or thousands every month to…

High-Ranking Turnkey Website

High converting websites

Increase your leads

WordPress Turnkey Websites is proud to offer a new and innovative SEO service that is attracting more and more customers. Here’s how it works: We build an industry-related website and use our SEO expertise to get it ranked in the Top 10 of Google and other search engines. We then rent the website that already has real visitors for your main keywords, services and products to you for a nominal monthly fee. You get 100% of the leads generated by the site for as long as you rent the site. No other action or expense on your part except for closing the sale with your new prospects.
High converting design
Optimized for mobile
SEO for top keywords
Instant Inquires
SEO optimized content

The perfect website optimized for local search

As an enterprising businessman using online marketing, doing business online, you are well aware that you have no need of a website that does not bring you customers. That’s why you are looking for a web development company that specializes in all areas of digital marketing and are experts at SEO and get results. You want a company that will spend the time and effort to make your website highly visible on Google for your potential clients. Turnkey Websites offers you an opportunity to rent a website that is already ranking on Google and what if you do not have to pay upfront to have it promoted for the months it takes to achieve that high ranking?

How we work

Search engine optimized

Ensure that your site follows all of Google’s latest requirements so that it get high rankings

Responsive design

Scale to the size of whatever screen your site is being viewed on – mobile, tablet, or desktop

Maximum conversions

Call-to-Action procedures and customer engaging content to create responses

Get Reviews

We make it easy to get reviews from your happy customers and help you stand out and stay ahead of the competition
About us

Who we are

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Search engine optimization

Get more traffic to your website

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What does a Turnkey website cost?

Basic website

+ $125.00 p/m
Lead website
Optimised for mobile
CMS included
Blog setup
Social media integration
Best choice

Premium website

+ $150.00 p/m
Everything from basic
SEO for top keywords
2 monthly blog posts
Live chat feature
Full-page cache

Custom website

+ $200.00 p/m
Everything from Premium
Custom design
Facebook ads setup
Google ads setup
Call tracking
Start today
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